Summer Courses are a way to build up valuable academic qualifications during the summer session in Idyllic Institute. Summer courses serve to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. Summer camp experience can have lasting psychological impact as well as the motor development of a student. The variety of different summer courses can be overwhelming -The following courses can be undertaken for the overall holistic development of students:

  • Data Entry/ big data
  • Calligraphy (Writing skills)
  • Culinary Art (Table manners ,Grooming and Etiquettes, baking preparation )
  • Nutrition & Hygiene
  • Art and Designing
  • Dramatics and Dance
  • Easy English course (Spoken English and Grammar)
  • Self Defense

For the Academic Session 2019, the following courses for summer skill programs are to be introduced for the students-

  • Calligraphy
  • Culinary Art (Table manners ,Grooming and Etiquettes, baking preparation )
  • Dramatic (Street Play, Flash Mob, Mime)
  • Designing (Fabric Painting and Clay Modeling)

The course is designed to orient students towards vocational courses in summer and develop their interpersonal and motor skills during their leisure time.
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