“For him who has conquered the mind; The mind is the best of friends ; But for one who has failed to do so , His mind will remain the greatest enemy. ”

Bhagavad Gita


“Kurukshetra- Field of Brave Heart” is an yearly inter collegiate event of idyllic institute of management. First season of kurukshetra was organized in the year 2017 thereafter 2018, 2019 we witnessed II & III Season.

Kurukshetra brings students from different colleges under the same roof and gives them a chance to compete with each other. It helps to save a varied types of events like dance, singing , Rap Battle , slow biking race, fireless cooking, fashion show, football, nail art, Business plan, elocution, face painting.

Till now in Kurukshetra boasting a participation of more than 50 colleges and more than 400+ participants each year. Kurukshetra gives a lot of social benefits the biggest being inter college interaction. Students gets a chance to medley with people from different walks of life.

Hasya Kavi Sammelan & Holiy 2K19

Idyllic institute of Management has organized “ Hasya kavi sammelan & Holify” . Kavi Sammelan dedicated to comedy (Hasya ) & Hindi Satire (Vyangya ) are known as hasya kavi sammelan the event held at Genda Lal Bam Parisar garden for the alumni as well as for existing students.

There was a laugh riot by India’s top most poets (Hindi ,Kavi )Prof. (Dr.) Shayam Sundar Palod (Sutradhar ), Mr. Junior Jonny Liver Mr. Himanshu Bavander Mr. Mahendra Madhur , Mr. Moulik Palod.

The Purpose of the event was to bring the vivacity &Jollity on the occasion of holi. More than 300 individuals from Icon education society staff members along with family Idyllic alumni & students have whole heartedly attended the event.


Idyllic institute organize a ‘Pallavan’ orientation Program to welcome the new batches depending on the vision of the institution, the format of orientation will vary from four days program. The Nature of the program has four objectives should be present in all orientation programmes.

1 Documents verification process: - On the first day of Pallavan students has to go through the documents verification from its counter. On that counter the original documents are checked and TC and Migration has been collected from them. Also student needs to register for classes during orientation. Because new students needs some direction & guidance in enrolling for classes.

2 Orientation of Academics - The second aspect of the role of orientation program begun before classes start. In this faculty members have an opportunity to provide academic advising at orientation, In this a power point presentation is shown to students in which they get to know about their syllabus,
planner various activities held during the year by their respective course coordinator. Students also got familiar with the faculties, staff and other and other students on campus.

3 Campus Visit - On the third day students gets to know to their new environment. It helps them to become familiar with their new surroundings. By moving on campus before academics start, the new student know about their library & its facilities, Computer Lab, student section, canteen, sports facilities, hostel facilities, bus facilities, auditorium.

4 NSS &IMA - On the last day of orientation students should be made aware of opportunities to be socially integrated into the college culture. Students are to be introduced to NSS i.e. National social service & IMA i.e. Indore Management Association activities which helps in developing their skills.

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