श्री प्रभु शरणम्, श्री सदगुरु शरणम् , श्री माँ शरणम्

Reigning from the Vedic period to the Post independence Period, we Indians have made an inevitable mark on the world in the form of renowned mathematicians, doctors, astronomers and philosophers; to the pool of leading entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, sportsperson and artists.

We’ve witnessed the Indian education system evolving multifold, from the traditional Gurukul System to the current era of E-learning. The pedagogies have changed drastically from “Diksha”, pen and paper to organized classroom training and now in the laps of Online Courses. Also, the century’s old tradition has seen a sharp curve with women getting equal opportunity in all fields including management, engineering, medicine, law, nursing and even excelling in them. However, there is one thing that remains common between the two scenarios, and that is the Importance of Education.

Today, this new generation is motivated: it combines the cultural values of the traditional Asian family with the life goals of the American teenager. There are innumerable methods of getting what we call education in the present times. There are thousands of colleges from which millions of students get their education each year. Yet not many are still not “knowledgeable” enough to face the real challenges that life throws at them.

ICON Education Society was formed with this vision to encompass the basics of Indian Education System with the Modern Changes and Need of the Corporate along with bridging the gap by preparing the students to prepare for all the challenges that years to come will throw at them by making them ethically and emotionally strong, thus serving nation as a whole. Our aim is to make our students successful not only in life, but also conscious of their duties and responsibilities towards their fellow citizens. The faith entrusted in us has vested the responsibility of delivering the basic ideology of “Importance of Education”, motivating the people associated, to ensure Quality and Better Standards of Education, yet keeping our traditions and impeccable values in place.

I Welcome to the Journey of learning…. !!

Wish you a Great Experience of Wisdom and a Bright Future Ahead... !!!

With Best Wishes!

Mr. Kantilal Bam
Chairman of Icon Education Society

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