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B.Com or Bachelor of commerce is a three year undergraduate course in commerce and related subjects. It is designed to provide the students with a wide range of managerial skills and at the same time building competence in areas such as Business economics, financial accounting, Cost accountancy, Income Tax, Auditing, Business finances Business Law, Marketing & Business Communication.

Why B.com from Idyllic:-

Idyllic offers B.Com in Honors, Computer Application, Taxation & Plain. We aim to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments through effective disburse of curricular & co-curricular activities. Moreover we focus on the all-round development of student’s personality through proper education & exposure to the vast treasure of knowledge, sports facilities and by providing platforms for their socialization.


Duration in years 3
Application Fee (Per Year) 600
Registration Fee (one time) 2,100
Tuition Fee 45,000
1st Year Fees (Excl. Exam Form) 47,700
1st Instal. 15,000
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) 10,000
3rd Instal. (In 90 days) 10,000
4th Instal. (In 150 days) 10,000
Subsequent Year NIL
1st Instal. NIL
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) NIL
Total Tuition Fees NIL

B.Com I Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Entrepreneurship Development
2 Accounting Group Financial Accounting
Business Maths
3 Management Group Business Law
Business Organization & Comm.

Specialization Group


Micro Economics
Macro Economics


Direct Tax System: Income Tax
Indirect tax System : GST
Computer Application Fundamentals Of Computer And PC Software
Desktop Publishing And Multimedia 
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Sales Promotion & Sales Management
Marketing Communication
Foreign Trade Basic Of Foreign Trade
Indian Foreign Trade

B. Com II Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Environmental Studies
2 Accounting Group  Corporate  Accounting
Cost Accounting
3 Management Group Principles Of Statistics
Principles Of management
4 Specialization Group
Plain Indian Company Act
Banking & Insurance
Tax Income tax Procedures & Practices
Advanced Study Of Goods & Service Tax
Computer Application Internet & E – Commerce
Relational Database Management System
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Advertising- II
Personal Selling 7 Salesmanship
Foreign Trade Elements of Export Marketing
Foreign Trade Financing & Procedure

B.Com III Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Basics Of Computer & IT
2 Accounting Group  Income tax Procedures & Practices
Indirect Tax
3 Management Group Auditing
Management Accounting  
4 Specialization Group
Plain (A) Public Finance
Financial Management
(B) Principles Of Marketing
International Marketing
(C) E- Commerce & Marketing
Financial Marketing & Investment Management
Tax Various Central & Provisional Tax
Income tax Planning & Management
Computer Application Web Designing
Digital Marketing
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Management Of Sales Force
Online Marketing
Foreign Trade  
Shipping Insurance & Documentation

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