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B.Com or Bachelor of commerce is a three year undergraduate course in commerce and related subjects. It is designed to provide the students with a wide range of managerial skills and at the same time building competence in areas such as Business economics, financial accounting, Cost accountancy, Income Tax, Auditing, Business finances Business Law, Marketing & Business Communication.

Why B.com from Idyllic:-

Idyllic offers B.Com in Honors, Computer Application, Taxation & Plain. We aim to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments through effective disburse of curricular & co-curricular activities. Moreover we focus on the all-round development of student’s personality through proper education & exposure to the vast treasure of knowledge, sports facilities and by providing platforms for their socialization.


Duration in years 3
Application Fee (Per Year) 1000/- P.A.(Non-Refundable)
Registration Fee (One Time) (Non-Refundable) 9,900/-
Plan A 45,000
1st Instal. 15,000
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) 15,000
3rd Instal. (In 90 days) 15,000
Plan B 60,000/-P.A.
1st Instal. 20,000
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) 20,000
3rd Instal. 20,000

B.Com I Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Entrepreneurship Development
2 Accounting Group Financial Accounting
Business Maths
3 Management Group Business Law
Business Organization & Comm.

Specialization Group


Micro Economics
Macro Economics


Direct Tax System: Income Tax
Indirect tax System : GST
Computer Application Fundamentals Of Computer And PC Software
Desktop Publishing And Multimedia 
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Sales Promotion & Sales Management
Marketing Communication
Foreign Trade Basic Of Foreign Trade
Indian Foreign Trade

B. Com II Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Environmental Studies
2 Accounting Group  Corporate  Accounting
Cost Accounting
3 Management Group Principles Of Statistics
Principles Of management
4 Specialization Group
Plain Indian Company Act
Banking & Insurance
Tax Income tax Procedures & Practices
Advanced Study Of Goods & Service Tax
Computer Application Internet & E – Commerce
Relational Database Management System
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Advertising- II
Personal Selling 7 Salesmanship
Foreign Trade Elements of Export Marketing
Foreign Trade Financing & Procedure

B.Com III Year

S.No Particular Particular
  1   Foundation Group Moral Values & Language
Basics Of Computer & IT
2 Accounting Group  Income tax Procedures & Practices
Indirect Tax
3 Management Group Auditing
Management Accounting  
4 Specialization Group
Plain (A) Public Finance
Financial Management
(B) Principles Of Marketing
International Marketing
(C) E- Commerce & Marketing
Financial Marketing & Investment Management
Tax Various Central & Provisional Tax
Income tax Planning & Management
Computer Application Web Designing
Digital Marketing
APR (Advertising & Public Relations Management Of Sales Force
Online Marketing
Foreign Trade  
Shipping Insurance & Documentation

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