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Bachlelor of business administration or BBA is one of the most popular bachelor degree after XII .The BBA Course offer Knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them in management and leadership skill to prepare them for managerial roles &entrepreneurship.

Why BBA from Idyllic:-

Idyllic institute of management offers fundamental education in management and business principles. Here every student is given enough industry exposure through industrial visits as well as corporate internships. Students can specialize in wide range of areas such as computer information system, finance, international business & marketing. Students are also benefited through various guest lectures by IMA, workshops, management competitions etc.


Duration in years 3
Application Fee (Per Year) 1,500 (Non-Refundable)
Registration Fee (one time) 9,900(One Time) (Non-Refundable)
Plan A 64,500/- P.A.
1st Instal. 21,500
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) 21,500
3rd Instal. 21,500
Plan B 79,500/- P.A.
1st Instal. 26,500
2nd Instal. (In 60 days) 26,500
3rd Instal. 26,500

BBA I Year

Syllabus- BBA I Semester
S.No Particular
BB 101   Managerial Skills
BB 102 Fundamentals Of Management
BB 103 Economics -I
BB 104 Basic Accounting
BB 105 Hindi
BB 106 Information Technology
Syllabus- BBA II Semester
S.No Particular
BB 201 Business Communication
BB 202 Human Resource Management
BB 203 Economics -II
BB 204 Financial Management
BB 205 English
BB 206 Management Information System


Syllabus- BBA III Semester
S.No Particular
BB 301 Marketing Management
BB 302 Organizational Behaviour
BB 303 Business Environment 
BB 304 Basic Accounting
BB 305 Hindi
BB 306 Information Technology
Syllabus -BBA IV Semester
S.No Particular
BB 401   Entrepreneurship
BB 402 Supply Chain Management
BB 403 International Business
BB 404 Indian Legal stem
BB 405 Management Accounting
BB 406 Operation Research  


Syllabus- BBA V Semester
S.No Particular
BB 501           Customer Relationship Management
BB 502 Research Methodology
BB 503 Indian Financial System   
BB 504 Project Management
BB 505 (Marketing) Advertising & Brand Management
BB 506 Sales & Distribution Management  
BB 505 (Finance) Banking & Insurance
BB 506 Working Capital Management
BB 505 (HRM) Human Resource Development
BB 506 Industrial Relations
Syllabus-BBA VI Semester
S.No Particular
BB 601           Total Quality Management
BB 602 Retail Management
BB 603 Strategic Management
BB 604 Indian Ethos in Management
BB 605 (Marketing) Marketing in Services
BB 606 Consumer Behavior
BB 605 (Finance) Merchant Banking  & Financial Services
BB 606 International Finance
BB 605 (HRM) Performance Management
BB 606 Leadership Skills & Change

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